Primary Care: Mental Health in Older People

The World Dignity Project is very pleased about our collaboration with other mental health professionals to produce a book that will support the delivery of holistic mental health interventions in the primary and community care setting for older people. The book, published by Springer, supports the development of community resilience and self-care in older people and universal access to enable them to achieve or recover the highest attainable standard of health. It promotes pathways to care for older people with mental health problems, respecting their autonomy, independence and human rights. The President of the World Dignity Project is grateful to his co-editor Dr Carlos Augusto de Mendonça Lima and all the contributors.

A New Book Arriving in 2020

Dignity in Mental Health, a Global Perspective

This new book, to be published in 2020, will provide an authoritative view of what dignity in mental health means from the patient, carer and professional perspective, taking into account culture and region. Edited by Gabriel Ivbijaro, David Goldberg and Michelle Riba, Dignity in Mental Health, a Global Perspective, will be an essential resource for mental healthcare professionals and postgraduate students. It will provide a framework for understanding dignity in mental health in relation to stigma, and offer a cultural context for the promotion of mental health dignity, addressing stigma and promoting positive dignity experiences using global examples. Crucially, it will provide a platform for patients, carers, family and professionals to learn from one another’s experiences and co-create a chapter, demonstrating equality and parity of value. It will be a major contribution to the dignity discourse.

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