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Scientific conferences are essential to our goal of helping mental health professionals to promote a dignity experience for patients, carers and families. By bringing together mental healthcare professionals and service users to connect and share experiences, we increase understanding of service user needs and ensure Continuing Professional Development with this important focus.

2015 Lille International Congress

The international conference, Mental Health for All – Connecting People and Sharing Experience, held in Lille, France in April 2015, was a collaboration between the World Federation for Mental health (WFMH) and the Congrès de Psychiatrie et de Neurologie de Langue Français (CPNLF), along with many other stakeholders with an interest in mental health. Plenary speakers shared their views on promoting public awareness of mental health including anti-stigma interventions, advocacy for mental and physical health parity of care for mental health service users, and implementation of the WHO Global Mental Health Action Plan.

The World Dignity Project was launched for consultation at the Lille Congress. Global Insights & Strategy consultancy, ModelPeople, shared a Taxonomy of Dignity in Mental Health, derived from service user research in 11 countries, and Matt Jansick of partner design agency Edo, unveiled the first ever global Dignity Symbol. A video booth allowed conference attendees to share their thoughts on dignity in mental health, and on the Dignity Symbol.

2018 Malta International Congress

The international conference, Universal Health and Mental Health Coverage for All, Connecting People and Sharing Perspectives, held in December 2018 in Valletta, Malta, endorsed the values of the United Nations Declaration about Universal Health Coverage: the right of every human being to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health without distinction.

The Malta Congress attracted the highest level of speakers from global partners and supporters including mental health professionals, patients, families and carers, NGOs, the WFMH, the World Psychiatric Association, WONCA and the World Association of Social Psychiatry, as well as service user advocates, distinguished academics, students and civic leaders. Devora Kestel the newly appointed Director, Mental Heath and Substance Abuse, WHO sent a message of support.

This congress endorsed the Malta Declaration and awarded the 2018 Mental Health Champions. The World Dignity Project presented new global research with service users in 22 countries, defining the dimensions of a dignity experience in mental health, which will be published in the upcoming (2020) book Dignity in Mental Health, a Global Perspective.


Joint Conference between The World Dignity Project & the University of San Diego, June 2020

This joint conference between the World Dignity Project and the University of San Diego (USD), Tackling Stigma, Mobilizing Hope: Opening Doors to Quality Mental Healthcare for All, will be held at USD in San Diego on Thursday 11th June 2020 – Saturday 13th June 2020.

San Diego is an ideal location to discuss equality, dignity, and hope because it has the nation’s largest military community and a culturally diverse population, including refugees from around the world who are commonly coping with trauma with limited access to mental health services.

The conference brings together exciting keynote speakers including Vikram Patel, James Griffith and Brandon Kohrt and representatives from global mental health professional and advocacy organizations. Fees will be nominal for service users to encourage their voices at the conference; and for students, to ensure the concept of dignity in mental health is actively addressed with the next generation of mental health professionals. This International Conference is seeking accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and has already secured accreditation for behavioral health providers.

The goals of the conference are:

  • To promote Dignity in the experience of all mental health patients including those from marginalized and minority groups.
  • To advocate for equality of access and treatment to the services they need,
  • To promote public awareness of mental health stigma and how to overcome it.
  • To support the upskilling of primary care and promote the notion of skill mix in the delivery of mental health interventions in line with the Astana Declaration 2018
  • To support joint psychiatric, primary care and policy maker dialog and training
  • To support and promote mental health research, innovation and service redesign
  • To ensure mental health is part of global health
  • To support and promote mental health service user, carer and family involvement

Due to covid19, this event has been postponed, but we hope to be able to reschedule in 2021. Click HERE for more information .

The World Dignity Project builds alliances between citizens, health professionals and other organisations so that the story of mental health dignity can be told from the mental health service user, patient, family and carer perspectives.

American Psychiatric Association (APA) Conference 2019

We know that the APA is interested in promoting mental health dignity amongst its membership and we will support our members who belong to the APA to continue to advance dignity in mental health. We congratulate APA President Elect Professor Jeffery Geller, a keen advocate and supporter of the World Dignity Project and look forward to working with him to advance the dignity agenda.

World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Conference 2019

Representatives from the World Dignity Project including Professor Michelle Riba, Professor Gabriel Ivbijaro, Professor Lucja Kolkiewicz, Dr. Jerald Kay and Ms. Claire Brooks presented a symposium on Fighting for Dignity in Mental Health, in which they presented scientific evidence and original research with service users..

Conferences & Events

International Congress in San Diego

International Congress in San Diego

International Congress in San Diego, June 11-13, 2020 in conjunction with University of San DiegoTackling Stigma, Mobilizing HopeOpening Doors to Quality Mental Healthcare for All Abstract Submission and Registration Now Open!Continuing Education Credit for Mental Health Professionals granted; CME for Physicians pending

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Conference: Universal Health & Mental Health Coverage for All

Conference: Universal Health & Mental Health Coverage for All

This congress builds on the success of our 2015 International Congress in Lille ‘Mental Health for All – Connecting People and Sharing Experience’ and endorses the values of the United Nations Declaration about Universal Health Coverage. It will bring together stakeholders with an interest in health, mental health, wellbeing and social care. We are inviting you to Malta especially as Valletta is one the 2018 EU Capitals of Culture, and this will bring attention to our cause. We have chosen the...

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