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Global Research to Define Dignity in Mental Health

The first big step forward was understanding what Dignity in mental health means. Research consultancy ModelPeople conducted a literature review and confidential online research with service users and mental healthcare professionals from 11 countries.

The Dignity Taxonomy recognizes three domains for dignity in mental healthcare, based on the outcomes which matter most to service users and healthcare professionals.

Embrace Me. A cry for empathy, care and protection from healthcare professionals, friends and family. It embodies feeling physically safe and comfortable; to be treated with compassion; to be listened to with empathy and have one’s wishes respected.

Give Me Hope. A profound need to be empowered and given hope for the journey to recovery. It embodies self-dignity, self-care, equality and empowerment to make decisions with support from healthcare professionals.

Universal Dignity. Protection of equality of human rights and access to healthcare. It embodies the recognition of a common dignity, shared by all mankind, without stigma or shame. It is promoted by advocacy for the vulnerable and respect for all human beings.

Dignity in Mental Healthcare Taxonomy

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Global Dignity Symbol

The Dignity symbol finally chosen reflects all three domains of the dignity taxonomy. The umbrella represents protecting the vulnerable; the heart represents compassion and self-care. Green is the color of renewal and hope for a journey to recovery.

The symbol was launched at the Lille International Conference, Mental Health for All – Connecting People and Sharing Experience and Dignity in Mental Health was adopted as the theme for World Mental Health Day 2015 and 2016. Many individuals and NGO’s in different countries adopted the new symbol to show their commitment to new efforts to end stigma and promote dignity in mental health.

We encourage you to adopt and use the global Dignity symbol. Please contact us for the Style Guide.

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