Malta Universal Mental Health Declaration

At The 2018 Universal Health and Mental Health Congress, held in Valletta, Malta, the World Dignity Project published the Malta Universal Mental health Declaration with the input and support of our global partners.  It affirms our belief that services and opportunities for people with mental illness, and their families and carers, can and should be better. We recognize that there are many global initiatives that have led to an increase in life expectancy for global citizens with many people living longer and more fulfilling lives, but this is not the case for people with mental illness. Mental disorders rank among the most substantial causes of death worldwide. We fight for mental health and well-being for all, with equality of treatment and dignity in experience, as a basic human right.

Join Us & Make a Difference

Every human interaction represents an opportunity for one person to treat another with dignity — a dignity encounter. Individuals and families affected by mental illness can often describe what dignity should look like. Sadly, however, most experience something wholly different.

The experiences of people with mental health problems and their families, whether at home, in education, work or in wider society often fall short of what we should expect because of stigma, discrimination and prejudice. In short many people with mental health problems feel that their dignity is violated. This cannot continue.

We need a movement and collaboration to tackle this because no one is immune to mental illness and the World Dignity Project provides a platform for this, bringing together patients, mental health service users, families, carers, professionals from all walks of life and institutions from across the spectrum.

The stigma of mental illness can no longer be tolerated. We can no longer be bystanders. We must do something. Join us and make a difference.

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